Form a Glyph Not a Word & Get Nimble At It

Form a Glyph Not a Word & Get Nimble At It


You have downloaded the Glyfo app on your smartphone. now, glide your finger as you connect the letters that form a word. you will experience that touching a letter increases their magnification. “… so I can see you better”, said the wolf.

Glyfo's alphabetical circular layout
Glyfo’s alphabetical circular keyboard layout forming the word NEWS.

now, in all caps compose a text message starting with the word ‘NEWS’ and send it to all your friends! because the more you practice in creating words, the more your muscle-memory will learn which strokes form words. soon enough you will be thumb-gliding over the touchscreen without looking at your phone.
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Joint / Blunt Warmer, For the Serious Cannaisseur Herb Smoker

Joint / Blunt Warmer, For the Serious Cannaisseur Herb Smoker

Once you lick the paper and roll it with the herb tucked nicely inside, it has to dry. else, you will be sorry if you light it while the paper is still somewhat wet. with the Joint/Blunt Dryer, press the power button to activate the V-heating surface where the joint or blunt is placed; within a minute it’s dry and ready to smoke.

Joint or Blunt Warmer
Joint/Blunt dryer, portable battery-operated version. dry in less than a minute.

every experienced marijuana smoker (or Cannabis connoisseur) knows that a wet joint will not burn good. your session will be ruined, the paper will come undone, the paper will burn wrong. this device solves the ten minutes that are required to dry a roll-paper joint if the user did not slop too much saliva on the glue tab while rolling the herb inside the paper. eleven out of ten times people will desperately light up without the proper time for drying. of course, the desperation to smoke especially with the first joint of the day, who has time to wait for the paper to dry up? here is how this device helps out:

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Other Computer Keyboards & Mobile App Input Method Designs – the Tea

Which keyboard app is the best for our smartphones? keyboards ideas apparatus and appsseveral innovative designs have met with cheer for the avid Text User while others failed catastrophically. most designers of keyboards have the good intention of wanting to make the texting experience a quick and easy way to create words, but have not known how to let go of the old paradigms, e.g., the QWERTY layout.

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Glyfo Glide Pad/Keyboard for Desktop Computers

Presenting you with the fastest method to create text with a new type of computer keyboard which is quick to learn and facile to use with an alphabetic letter arrangement as easy as ABC.

Glyfo Thumb-glide Pad/Keyboard
write by sliding a finger across the pad area to connect letters and create words.

this keyboard is a hybrid creature. it uses the app’s thumb-glide capability along with a button keyboard. its text-predicting feature lights up the letter keys to suggest next possible letters. the user can also press the the letter keys without using the pad area.

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My Self’s Quest for the Why of Creation

Why change the Old?” I was asked. why change at all? that became the question that drove me to the brink of madness through the darkest of my times. I had my doubts in doing anything at all, but here it is and you are introduced to the journey I went through to come to this point in time, me this moment, posting these words as you read on.

Sunset and Rocky Mountains, Denver Colorado
Driving Toward the Sunset towards the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. May 2017

well then, even the mountains change. everything changes over time. life is change, and change is life. I am not afraid anymore. I can create and propose something to the world with no attachment to it. if it doesn’t work, then I will re-think something else once more.

Octavian & Servando
Octavian and I driving up the Rocky Mountains.

I have nothing to do but breathe, at least till my last breath so, why not get moving with creating something fantastic every person will want to have. I already am blissfully happy with my life and the company I keep from a true friend. (he is excited about putting together this app and would love to text on it as soon as possible!) he is the reason I am writing this blog. if for no body else, I want to create this for him.

I have wasted much of my time with people who were a negative influence in my life. their degenerated admiration was simple envy. they didn’t believe much in my dreams because they were all faced with their grisly reality of life (theirs’). I cut all relations with all my friends. and my always unhappy family. then I was free to go to the mountains and do as much THC and CBD with Mary Jane as I could. I came to the enlightened realization that I did not have to do anything. yup, nothing at all… (not even breathe but, that’s an automatic function of my body). I saw myself in a human creature body standing on the surface of this round planet, circling a turning bright star, out in the middle of an infinite universe which, come to find out was all just in my own mind. so what was I then? what was the purpose of all of this? why even exist at all? because I am here as part of the organic machine we call Life. I have a place in the world and my works as co-creator with the mighty cosmos itself, is my nature. ‘what I was put here for’, then, and only then did the big existential All came to me: nothing I do in this world is only for me. I share the same air everyone else breathes, I am as important to this universe as any single atom that exist in all of Space. I Am.

Drive up the Rocky Mountains
Driving up the Rocky Mountains with the Sun on our face.

I do this not just to make the world a better place, but to make my pocketbook fatter so that I can travel the world and meet all the different types of people out there, living their normal lives in their everyday environment. yet I believe that money that is not invested into the unknown eventually will fester in the hands of those greedy to hold on to it, while the world is now that less richer. ‘the Rule of the Many, By the Many’, if there is such a thing, is an era of mankind where every citizen can communicate their preferences and needs with a communication device connecting to the world and measuring its pulse. every person must have a smartphone. that’s where I would put my money. the only way to change the world is to question those doctrines, rules, methods, and beliefs we all accept unwaveringly. the only way to change the world to a better place is to personally do it yourself; like the piece of snd that makes up the beach. these thoughts made me question the purpose of, in all respects, any task. an existentialist dilemma of action over worrying about the daily things that everyday brings. but enough of that, just press on mister, and go high.

there is a certain enthusiasm ignited even fostered with world-changing devices, e.g., iPhones. we feel part of the wave of development and refinement that goes along with each piece of state-of-the-art craftsmanship.

Rocky Mountains sunset
the Mighty Rocky Mountains during a cool evening in May

like so, this is that time for a great idea to further its awesomeness that will bring about a new communication language to every part of the world. we are all humans, we are all together as humanity, why not be the catalyst that accelerates a better world for us, for our kids, for generations to come. this is the greatests of times when a unification of the planet’s languages come together. we begin by supplanting word with glyphs, soon enough every language adopts glyphs over groups of letters that form words. glyphs are better. although its learning process will be adopted ethusiastically by the younger generations using glyphs instead of words. even this written blog will have become part of the 20th century history, and will replace its words with glyphs instead read and slowly evolve and refine itself throughout humanity’s time. what a truly great time this is here & now. Thank You Creation.





Number Keyboard Layout: Row VS Circle, or the Square Pad Design?

Numbers are as important as words in any keyboard layout. they deserve their own configuration, their own independent buttons, and mathematically should start at zero; Qwertyas opposed to the qwerty layout which places the zero after the nine (shouldn’t it be the number ten instead?)   my circular layout fixes this by placing the zero number top and center between the number nine and the number one, and contains its own row separate from the letter row, e.g.,

Alpha-Numeric circular layout with zero top and center.

although I do prefer the old fashioned numeric key pad because of its celerity in inputting quantities using all five fingers of the right hand, yet

Common numeric pad arrangement.

I do want to keep the circular style in my layout design to leave an open space in the center for the finger glide action needed to connect letters to create words, or simply finger-drawing on the touch-screen with either letters, numbers or symbols as well.

I do not need to force the user to comply in a specific preference of mine. nor should any typewriting apparatus despite of its mechanical limitations, like Remington’s qwerty letter layout, should mandate how the keyboard should look like for everyone. a good all-inclusive app design should encompass all three choices (Row, Circle, and Square) with an easy way to switch between each; now, that’s what we need from a great app!

alphanumeric layouts abound in a good cyber-space image search. I don’t believe a particular style should remain eternal, even when it’s good enough. there will always be non-conformist individuals like myself, who come up with an alternative approach given their specific societal and/or technological needs in their moment thru time.